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Messaging for groups and teams that stay focused.

We love messaging. It’s our favorite way of collaborating, but not if it’s overwhelming and disorganized.
We believe there’s a better way.
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Quill iOS
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Your new control center. With all of your messages in one place, never miss anything important.
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Smart Threads

Everything in Quill is a thread. Focus on a topic, make decisions, and stay in flow. Choose the conversations you care about and safely filter everything else, knowing that you’re not missing out.
Quill is available on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Professional Messaging

Messaging that’s designed to keep your team connected, without overburdening your day-to-day.

Fewer Notifications.

Your phone should only buzz when something is truly important. That’s why we reduce notifications, and reserve disruptions for critical or time sensitive messages.

Instant Guests and Permissions.

Add guests to channels, or even individual threads, even if they’re not part of your team. It’s as easy as adding an email or phone number.

Works with SMS.

Add people to conversations with just a phone number. Anywhere in the world.

Cross-Company Direct Messages.

Have direct conversations with anyone you’re connected with, even across companies and teams.

Coming Soon

End-to-end Encryption.

Tradeoff some ergonomics for maximum security.

Rich Integrations.

Use new workflows by integrating with your favorite tools in ways you’ll have to see to believe.

Voice + Video.

Quill is all about communication. Be it text, voice, or video. Switch mediums with a single tap.

And so much more. Almost too many features to count.
  • Context Search
  • Nested Channels
  • Reactions
  • Unified Sidebar
  • File Uploads
  • Quick View
  • Triaging
  • Bulk Mark As Read
  • Private Groups
  • Team Index
  • Channel Follow Rules
  • Muting
  • Timezone Sharing
  • Presence
  • Thread Titles
  • Custom Colors
  • Sign in with Apple
  • Google Auth
  • SMS + Email Reply
  • + Lots more

We grew up using IRC.

We’re a team of engineers and designers that hit message fatigue. We’ve felt the pain of having to skim thousands of messages, and we’re building Quill to solve it. If you've felt the same, we’d love to chat.

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Quill is in Early Access.

We'd love to have you be a part of building Quill. We're still iterating, improving, and bug fixing. Quill is launching early in 2021.