Multiple Emails + Account Merging

Access all your teams from one account, instead of juggling individual accounts or passwords for each team.

In Quill, you don't create a new account when you join a team — you always have just one account. This has always been true, but we just made it a little bit easier to manage. You can now connect multiple emails to your account — and if you already have multiple accounts, you can now merge them into one.

Add emails or merge accounts by going to Settings → Account → Add New Email.



  • You can now override the system dark/light appearance in your preferences.
    Have Quill use dark mode, even if you prefer light mode for your OS.

  • You can now reorder channels in your sidebar.
    Use drag and drop to organize your channels.

  • You can now configure the time period after which to auto-archive activity or disable auto-archiving entirely. Settings → Activity (Thanks JMo!)
  • Can now hold and click on an a message to select it. Being able to select multiple messages this way, and multiple ranges, is on the way! (Thanks Tavish!)
  • Slightly larger message bubbles, with a bit more spacing all around and larger avatars.
  • New design for reactions. Each reaction now appears in its own bubble.
  • New design for message input with a handy little text formatting cheat sheet.
  • New design for invites and integrations.
  • Added a preference to turn off welcome messages for teams.
  • Integrations settings now show you how many integrations you’ve enabled.
  • You can now send yourself a password reset email in settings, if you signed in with email/password.
  • Add support for sharing a message using the native share sheet on iOS.
  • Your current video call is now shown in your sidebar.
  • New help menu in sidebar.


  • Fixed several edge cases with moving channels.
  • Fixed user and team avatars sometimes not loading.
  • Fixed clicking preferences from menu in mac app not taking you to the right screen. (Thanks Sam!)
  • Fixed a rendering issue where moved threads would not render in their new destination until app was restarted. (Thanks Angel, David & Andy!)
  • Creating a new team from settings now persists the settings sidebar. (Thanks Michael!)
  • Command suggestions no longer trigger in the middle of a message.
  • Fix some potential flickering when conversations are opened in split.
  • Added back a file attachment button in the compose menu.
  • Integration message attachments for e.g. GitHub no longer style titles that are not links as links.
  • Opening channels in split view is no longer presented as an option in activity sidebar menus when splitting is not possible, and the correct toolbar is shown for the channel.
  • Hitting Enter directly after compositing an IME (Japanese, Chinese, etc) message now correctly sends the message.
  • Added markdown hints for list items.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a team didn’t refresh badge count.
  • Fixed an issue where attachments would not immediately load if the app had been backgrounded for a long time.
  • Certain messages no longer incorrectly render as quoted.
  • Moving messages to a new thread now allows you to add a title again.
  • Quoting messages then deleting the quote source channel or thread now renders a more informative error.
  • Email verification screen correctly renders at small screen sizes.
  • Fixed styling for integration modals.
  • Fixed read receipt tooltip sometimes not disappearing.
  • Stopped an issue where clicking activity cells could reset scroll position.
  • Notifications are now sent when you add new !! mentions when editing messages.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking a notification on Windows would not always correctly open Quill.
  • Fixed several bugs with video chat.


  • Performance improvements! Lists should now scroll faster. (Thanks Bill!)
  • The main speaker is now highlighted in video calls.
  • Improved attribution of quoted messages.
  • Team welcome messages now go into the default #social channel, instead of #general.
  • Video calls now disconnect faster.
  • Cmd+K now better suggests conversations.
  • Cmd+K now shows you your history if you haven’t typed a search yet.
  • No longer shows large link previews for links that return a non-200 response or for known bad links. (Thanks Jack!)

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