New Following Modes v1.80

Control the volume of messages and threads in your activity feed.

Being able to control the volume of channels is a critical part of Quill. It's how you stay in control of the number of inbound messages you see, and how you reduce the total amount of conversation skimming you do every day.

Sometimes you want a quiet setting, and sometimes you want to make sure you see everything. Do you want to see every message, every thread, and every reply to every thread — or only top line threads or messages? While granularity is great, we had one too many options here. We've just pushed out an update which simplifies the control into two of the most popular options — high volume and low volume, effectively.

This should simplify volume control quite a bit — we've already tweaked some of our own settings! To edit the following mode for any channel, click Follow in the toolbar.


New & Improved

  • New and improved follow modes available for social and structured channels.
  • Faster image sending is now enabled by default in desktop. This greatly improves image sending speed on slow connections.
  • Added support for images in integration messages.
  • Actions in the message input menu are now a bit easier to reach.
  • Fixed an issue causing open invite links to appear expired. Open invite links stay open until you explicitly turn them off.
  • Fixed an issue where certain favicons would not render for link previews.
  • Fixed an issue where your team name sometimes wasn't shown correctly on integration OAuth screens.
  • Fixed an issue with moving threads between channels.

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