v1.83 Import from Slack

Transfer team-wide messages, threads, files, channels, and users.

If you've previously used Slack, you can now transfer all your content — messages, threads, files, channels — and instantly bring your team to Quill. We'll automatically convert your threads into Quill threads, and all your files and attachments will be imported into Quill.

You can import content any time, either when you first create your team, or if your team is already on Quill. Immediately continue conversations, or archive old channels if you've already got a new structure — but continue to quote, reference, or create new threads from imported messages.

You can choose which users to invite, and which channels you'd like to import, if you'd like to start fresh. (You can also undo imports in a single click, and run as many new imports as you'd like!)

To import content, go to Settings → [Team] → Import.

Import by default only includes public content, not the contents of private channels or DMs. For private content, the export is a bit more involved, but if you'd like to — send us a message!


New & Improved

  • Channels now have email hooks! Start threads by sending an email. (i) or right click on a channel -> Copy email address
  • Popovers for selecting devices now render correctly. (Thanks Sam!)
  • When you, or others, join or leave a video call a sound now plays.
  • Team details are now aligned properly in team home when your window is small.
  • Pressing escape while composing a message in a thread that is stacked in navigation no longer navigates you out of the thread.
  • Fixed an issue where editing a message as you were writing a new message, could sometimes show the same drafted message.
  • Removing users is now correctly available in private channels and groups.
  • Group members are no longer labeled guests.
  • Fixed a few scenarios where highlighting the submit button didn't always correspond to when pressing Enter would submit a drafted message.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing crashes when previewing threads in the thread list view of a channel and a new image was added to one of the threads.
  • Fixed clearing unread status on activity caused by moving the latest message in a thread.

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