v1.89 Customize Emoji + More Reactions

Upload custom emoji, and choose from 200+ new reactions.

You can now upload your own custom emoji to Quill, and use them as reactions. This has been by far our most requested feature since we launched, and so we're very excited to ship this initial version. Already, many party parrots and Untitled Goose Game geese have found their way into our social channel hearts.

You can upload as many custom emoji as you'd like. To upload custom emoji, go to Settings → [Team] → Emoji or choose ... → Add Custom Emoji when selecting a reaction.

We've also expanded our own set of reactions, going from our initial set of 18 to over 200. (And, we have a lot more on the way!)

Support for sending custom emoji in messages (:party_parrot:) is in the works — but we wanted to get reaction support out as soon as we could. There's still a lot of functionality we're following up with, but, custom emoji were too much fun to hold back.


New & Improved

  • Upload and use custom emoji as reactions.
  • Choose from over 200 new reactions.
  • Can now select a default skin tone for reactions.
  • Fixed an issue where the edit team name dialog sometimes wouldn't display the right name.
  • Fixed an issue where thread subscribers count could sometimes be incorrect.
  • Fixed a rare issue where sending a message containing a link attachment and a message ending in : would sometimes fail.
  • Added a preference to opt out of Quill email digests. (Settings → Account)
  • Striking through text using ~ now no longer applies when the text has whitespace on either side. This does not apply to other formatting marks like * and `.
  • Fixed an issue where the edit name dialog would sometimes not render correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where channel breadcrumbs were incorrectly draggable and unclickable.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't add spaces to team names on iOS.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't mention guests in threads on iOS.
  • Updated the Create Thread icon when selecting a range of messages.
  • Can now click the app version under About to copy it to your clipboard.

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