v1.89.1 New Integrations + Email Threads

Zapier, Jira, Google Meet, and Google Drive.

Alongside Sentry, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Zoom, Pagerduty, GitHub, OpenAI and Linear integrations — we've now added integrations for Zapier, Jira, Google Meet, and Google Drive. We're always working on more integrations, with many more on the way, including Gitlab, Datadog, ClickUp, Loom, Jitsi, Twitter, Figma and Giphy.

You can build your own custom integrations using our API.
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Email Threads

You can now create a thread in Quill by email, either by receiving, forwarding or sending. If you right click on any channel and choose Copy Email, you'll receive a unique email address (channel_[...]@channels.quill.chat.) Any email sent to this address will spawn its own thread in the associated channel — the email subject becomes the thread title, and content is sent as a message — great for rapidly forwarding daily reports, support requests, and so on, into Quill.


New & Improved

  • Enabled Zapier integration.
  • Enabled Jira integration.
  • Enabled Google Meet integration.
  • Enabled Google Drive integration.
  • Updated GPT-3 QuillBot to always be polite, friendly, and thoughtful.
  • Can now start a thread via email. (Right click any channel → Copy Email)
  • Can now see your current Quill usage (messages, storage, integrations) under team settings. (Settings → [Team] → Usage)

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