August 2021 — v1.112 Changelog

200+ improvements: Move messages across threads, new integrations (Datadog, GitLab, Loom, and ClickUp), cross-team custom emoji, better typing indicators, and much more.

We've been busy shipping over 200+ changes in this update — including the ability to move messages between threads, new integrations, better typing indicators, sharing custom emoji across teams, sending custom emoji in messages, and much more. If you've got feature requests or bug reports — chat with the team by hitting Send Feedback in the desktop app!

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  • Datadog, GitLab, Loom, and ClickUp integrations are now available!
  • Send custom emoji in messages! :party_parrot: is here to stay.
  • Use custom emoji across teams! Send any custom emoji in any conversation.
  • See who is typing in a conversation, rather than that just someone is typing.
  • Move messages across threads. Select a range of messages, choose Move Messages, and pick a thread to move them to!
  • Hovering over a team in the sidebar now lets you invite team members, create channels, and access settings.
  • Video calling is now out of beta! Start a call without experimental features enabled.
  • Your active video or voice call is now pinned at the top of the sidebar.
  • You can now mute others in video calls and voice channels.
  • New icons in the desktop sidebar.
  • Team invite screens now have a snazzy new design.
  • Pending team invites are now shown in the desktop sidebar.


  • ⌘+F while in a message composer now properly focuses the search input.
  • Updated invite team members modal design.
  • Activity cell now shows more useful preview text when sending files.
  • Team avatars now show properly when redeeming team invites.
  • Clicking Invite Team in the sidebar context menu (right-click) for a team now opens the invite team members modal.
  • When configuring notification settings for a thread in Chrome, and you don’t have notifications enabled, we now show a handy little notice.
  • Bots no longer show up as following a thread, or in contact suggestions.
  • Updated the UI of the update app confirmation while in a voice/video call to be more consistent with other UI elements.
  • Removed double click to open reactions menu on messages. This conflicted with selecting message text. (Thanks Darragh!)
  • Editing a message now puts you back in the main message composer on submit.
  • Starting a search automatically selects the previous search query.
  • The screenshare button is now temporarily disabled while others are screensharing.
  • Tweet attachments in the composer now size their width correctly.
  • Joining/leaving a voice channel no longer causes shifting in its activity cell.
  • Failing to acquire a mic or camera when joining a call now has better explanation text.
  • Displaying call failures no longer causes the call toolbar to shift out of view.
  • Clicking on the icon in a message file attachment now properly downloads the file.
  • Clicking on toolbar buttons at non-100% text sizes now works properly.
  • Tab while showing suggestions now cycles through suggestions when there's more than one, and accepts the suggestion if there is only one.
  • Live level mic animation now better reflects ongoing audio levels.
  • Lots of improvements to both video calling and voice channels.
  • Mention suggestions are now sorted alphabetically.
  • The order of participants in a call is now consistent for all participants.
  • HEIC images are now sent as PNGs. (Native HEIC image support coming soon!)
  • The escape key now closes the message context (right-click) menu.
  • Scrolling now closes any open menus and popovers.
  • New conversation screen now has a cancel button.
  • The reset password button has been moved into settings.
  • Priority mentions messages now have !! prepended to them to help differentiate from a regular mention.
  • Timestamps for messages are now visible to the left of the message on hover.
  • The composer is now automatically focused when you open a thread or a social channel.
  • Selected messages now have higher contrast in dark mode.
  • Editing a message now returns focus to the composer after editing, and doesn’t mark the message as edited if there were no actual changes.
  • The update button now has a confirmation if you're in a video or voice call.
  • Your microphone is now automatically switched to the next best available microphone if you disconnect your microphone in the middle of a call.
  • Better explanations of moving vs. quoting messages when spawning a new thread from a set of messages.
  • Added support for pasting images, attachments, messages, and links when creating new threads.
  • Thread previews now show channel name breadcrumbs if the thread is from another channel.
  • Message input focus indicators now have the correct color.
  • Pinned messages can no longer overflow the width of their container.
  • When a voice channel is joined by clicking in the sidebar, it no longer takes focus from any previously focused sidebar item.
  • Call participants no longer linger after they quit the app.
  • Messages shown in a split view now update their layout correctly.
  • Pressing escape while editing a message now cancels the edit.
  • Typing characters like , or ! now removes the extra space after mentioning a channel, the same way mentioning a user behaves.
  • Integration installation modals are now more readable.
  • Redeeming invitations now shows better errors and correctly navigates you if you've already redeemed the invite.
  • You can now leave and rename groups directly from the context (right click) menu.
  • It is now easier to move your mouse across context menus without accidentally dismissing them.
  • Performance is now improved in many areas across the app.
  • Webhook description inputs no longer overflow their container.
  • Increased threshold for selecting messages, making message selection more accurate.
  • Pasting code into code blocks now preserves indentation.
  • Quill's app bundle size has been drastically reduced.
  • Expanding the emoji search automatically focuses the emoji search input. (Thanks Graham!)
  • Push notifications are now available when you only follow Threads in Structured channels. (Thanks Graham!)
  • The push notifications button is no longer disabled when you are not following a Structured channel or have it muted. Clicking it now makes you follow it and allows you to immediately configure push notifications. (Thanks Graham!)


  • Fixed an issue where subscribers would not display correctly for Social channels.
  • Fixed an issue where updates to the auto-archive activity setting were not being saved properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the invite team members modal overlay was missing hover events.
  • Fixed an issue where typing a message after opening a thread sometimes did not work until you clicked into the message input.
  • Fixed a rare issue where new direct messages would make the app unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue where pasting an image into the message input sometimes resulted in extra text content also being pasted.
  • Fixed sort order behavior for tiles in video calls.
  • Fixed a slight spacing issue causing badges to overflow their container in Follow menus.
  • Fixed an issue when clicking invite team members from the sidebar would not actually open the add team members modal.
  • Fixed an issue when joining a new team, the user would sometimes miss updates from the newly added team.
  • Fixed an issue where if you moved messages from a thread, the backlink would navigate back to the thread’s channel rather than directly to the thread.
  • Fixed an issue where voice/video call participant count would sometimes be incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging the window would sometimes not work for desktop clients.
  • Fixed an issue where the microphone would get into a bad state in calls while adding/removing microphones.
  • Fixed an issue where notification toasts would sometimes show behind modal backgrounds.
  • Fixed an issue where we were asking for push notifications permission immediately when the app was opened.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera light would occasionally stay on after screensharing + tabbing in/out of the macOS app.
  • Fixed the paintbrush channel icon.
  • Fixed a rare issue where one could navigate to a nonexistent thread.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking Add a Member in the General channel’s welcome messages for new teams would cause a crash.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the email verification screen would not be shown.
  • Fixed an issue where Quill was accidentally showing a macOS warning screen on Windows and Linux clients.
  • Fixed a rare issue where integration messages did not have a name for the user who initiated the interaction.
  • Fixed an issue with emoji suggestions where emoji with multiple keywords would sometimes be duplicated causing unselectable and duplicate entries to show up.
  • Fixed an issue where Quill's update button would sometimes spin forever.
  • Fixed an issue where Quill's update button would sometimes be shown incorrectly when you were already on the latest version of Quill.
  • Fixed an issue where threads would sometimes fail to load.
  • Fixed an issue in Safari and the macOS app where clicking between Settings cells would sometimes cause the incorrect text color to be set.
  • Fixed a rare issue where deleting a team would fail, but not give any indication of failure.
  • Fixed an issue where drag and drop allowed you to use invalid file formats for custom emoji.
  • An extra divider has been removed from some message context menus.
  • Pinned messages that were written a long time ago can now be unpinned.
  • :O now correctly converts to the 😮 emoji, not the 😧 emoji. (Thanks Michael!)
  • Focusing TIFF images no longer crashes or freezes in Chrome.
  • Editing some part of a channel no longer resets other fields.
  • Loading Quill is now more stable and alerts us to load failures more consistently.
  • The hint no longer flickers when pressing in multi-line composed messages.
  • File previews in thread previews show more of their file type in the preview text.


New & Improved

  • You can now invite people to your team with a shareable link.
  • Custom emoji can now appear in messages.
  • You can now change your notification and follow settings for channels. (i)
  • You can now archive and delete channels.
  • Added support for adding or removing people from threads and channels.
  • Added more ways to share links to threads and channels.
  • Network reliability improvements.


  • Fixes an issue when composing a new message in a social channel.
  • Fixes an issue where threads would be marked as being read in the background.
  • Fixes an issue where thread titles would not wrap onto multiple lines.


New & Improved

  • Full support for video calls and voice channels.
  • Better support for creating a new thread in social channels.

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