August 2021 — v1.118 Improved Permissions

Create, configure, and set granular permissions with roles.

As teams scale and grow, there's often a need to control who can see and change what. We just shipped the first version of our permissions refactor: the ability to create, configure, and assign roles to anyone on your team. In Quill, go to Settings → [Team] → Members to start creating and configuring roles!

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  • With Channel and Thread invite links, you can now add people to conversations with just a link.
  • Redesigned members popover for channels, threads and groups.
  • Redesigned new team flow with many more customization options.


  • When you get invited to a team, you now see who sent you the invite.
  • The + button now shows you options of what you can create, rather than only starting a direct message or group.
  • The sidebar now shows you how many unread conversations are in your activity.
  • Results in the command bar (cmd+k) now take into account if you've recently opened a result.
  • Reactions now have handy little tooltips across the app describing which reaction was used.
  • More recent emoji are now shown in the emoji selector and now sync across devices.


  • Fixed an issue where integrations could not be disabled when hitting your max integrations count on the free plan.
  • Guests can now leave threads via the thread context menu.
  • Fixed an issue where call messages would sometimes show the incorrect number of participants.


New & Improved

  • Recent emoji now sync across devices.
  • Pending invites now show up in the activity tab.
  • Can now send custom emoji in messages.
  • Various fixes & improvements to accepting invites.
  • Fixed an issue where certain links would pop the navigation stack instead of opening in the browser.
  • Fixed an issue where the tab bar can sometimes appear in video calls.
  • Fixed an issue with tab bar icon padding on iPad.


New & Improved

  • Channel detail view now allows you to add/remove guests.
  • Fixed various bugs.

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