Twitter + Quill

Quill has joined Twitter!

We started Quill with the goal of increasing the quality of human communication. We believe the tools we use to communicate today are not the best they can be. Together with Twitter, we will continue to pursue our original goal — to make online communication more thoughtful, and more effective, for everyone.

Quill will be shutting down, but its spirit and ideas will continue on. You’ll be able to export your team message history until 1pm PST, Saturday, December 11th 2021, when we will be turning off our servers and deleting all data. For all active teams, we're issuing full refunds.

We’d like to thank everybody who has used Quill — if you came on board during our beta, or if you just sent your first message last week. We can’t wait to show you what we’ll be working on next.

– The Quill Team


How do I export my team’s messages?

  1. Go to your Settings in Quill →
  2. Click the team you want to export
  3. Under the Export Team heading, press Start Export
  4. Export will have started. After a few minutes, you will receive an email with the link to the .zip file containing your export.

How do I export files?

The export file contains the text content of all of your messages but not the files themselves. To download files, we’ve provided a Python script (See Gist ↗) that will go through your export file and download all of the files for you.

Can I import my exported messages into Slack?

The export file contains all of your data. If you want to import your data into Slack, we’ve provided a Python script (See Gist ↗) that will transform your data into the CSV format that Slack can import. Note that not all data can be imported into Slack: each thread becomes its own channel, and there is no support for quoted messages.

Who can export my team’s data?

Any member of your team with the Admin role can run an export.

What can I export?

You can export all messages that were visible to the entire team—that is, all public channels. Any messages in private DMs, groups, or private channels will not be part of your export.

Can I export Direct Messages (DMs)?

You can only export your own direct messages. Go to your account preferences → and click Start Export.

If I don’t export, will you delete my data?

Yes. On 1pm PST, Saturday, December 11th 2021 we will delete all user data, whether or not you’ve exported it.

Can I delete my account?

Yes. You can delete your user account with the Delete Account… button at the bottom of your account settings →

Can I delete my team?

Yes, you can delete any team with the Delete Team button at the bottom of the settings screen for each team.

Will I receive a refund?

For all active teams, yes, we are immediately issuing a full refund.

If you have any other questions, email us directly at