Improved Threads

For better grouping and readability, with less notifications

Needless to say, we love threads. They’re at the core of what makes Quill, well, Quill. Grouping conversations by topic lets you opt in to the conversations you care most about, while letting the rest pass on by.

After lots of deliberation, iterating, and chatting with the early teams that use Quill to get work done, we’ve rolled out improvements to threads. We want to show you what threads are about, not just the exact messages that make up a thread — and as a bonus, make it clearer which messages belong to which conversation.

As usual, we’re still iterating and improving. Thanks to our beta testers for bearing with our prodding questions, reporting bugs and requesting features! Lots more to come.



  • New thread grouping and preview
  • Activity can now be archived (!)
  • Messages can now be edited ()
  • Can now create multiple new conversation drafts
  • Follow status of channels shown in sidebar
  • Better code block editing and rendering (```)


  • Fix bug where certain avatars would render distorted
  • Can now zoom videos
  • Can now stop/start gifs
  • Emoji shortcut no longer interferes with regular typing (requires 1 character, so :w -> :wave:)
  • Fixed bug where jpeg exif rotation wasn’t preserved in thumbnails
  • Fixed bug where videos would reload unnecessarily



  • Fixed crash if you clicked new conversation button before initial data had arrived
  • Fixed render bugs when creating new threads

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