Quill works with any phone number, email, or contact.

Add any phone number, email, or contact to start direct message. Add multiple people to start a group, or add a channel to start a new thread. For phone numbers, we’ll proxy the conversation via SMS, so they can respond seamlessly without downloading Quill.


We’ve revamped how you start new conversations on iOS. It’s mostly behind the scenes improvements to smooth out some tokenization hiccups when you have multiple recipients or when editing recipients.


  • New Conversation revamp
  • Redesigned thread backstops
  • Show online/away status in more places


  • Add support for priority mentions (!!-mention)
  • Show team avatars in breadcrumbs
  • Fix spinner position in Channels
  • Fixed date formatting in Channels



  • cmd+k Quickly jump to conversations or perform actions
  • Suggest contacts from Address Book when starting new conversations
  • Can now navigate search results with keyboard
  • Can now (optionally) set title when starting a new thread
  • Lots of new keyboard shortcuts (cmd+?)


  • Full-screen no longer has an empty toolbar
  • Can now start/stop GIF playback
  • Can now download videos and images
  • Fix slow typing after opening emoji selector (:)



  • Beta build available (Download Apps → Windows)



  • Beta build available (Download Apps → Linux)

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