Video Chat in Quill

Quill is built for better communication, across any medium.

Video chat is great. Video + text chat is even better. In Quill, video chats can be started in any thread, and slide in alongside your conversations. Keep pasting URLs to share what you’re talking about, post screenshots, or have side conversations — text chat augments video chat tremendously.

Start video chats with a single click. Video chats support up to 200 participants, along with screensharing. If you’d like to opt in and give it a go, make sure to enable experimental features in your account settings.

What’s New

For full changelog, see Account → App Changelog in the app.


  • Can now choose from 200+ icons for channels
  • Can now archive channels
  • Can now merge channels
  • Can now now mark activity as unread
  • You can now add any Channel or conversation to your favorites.
  • Can now delete threads (Right Click → Delete Thread...)
  • Can now copy links to threads and channels (Right Click → Copy Link...)
  • Can now customize UI colors for team. (Display P3 support coming soon!)
  • Link Previews are now shown as attachments in message inputs
  • Can now remove link previews when submitting a message
  • Show a status message if someone was added or removed to a conversation
  • /title command to set title for thread
  • Redesigned team home
  • Only see your followed channels in sidebar
  • Monochrome message theme (Settings → Account → Appearance)
  • Thread Previews now highlight attachments (images, links)
  • Can now invite team members to follow a channel or thread
  • Can now see who is following a channel or thread
  • In-App Changelog

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